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We specialize in Conversational AI Chatbots and have developed a broad selection of pre-trained and smart AI Chatbots for a vast variety of industry domains.

 Real Conversations for Bot Success

Build the conversations from real, traditional manual text chat and voice calls for the specific use case. Improves the bot adaption and success rate.

Mastering Multi-Turn Conversations with Intelligent Bots

Build truly intelligent bots that can prompt follow-up questions to identify user intents and tracks the conversation stacks and resolve complex multi-prompt inquiries with high degree of accuracy.

Dynamic Data-Driven AI Chatbots for Hybrid Conversations

Not just static bots, build dynamic, data-driven, context-aware smart chatbots hybrid conversational experience.

Unlocking Chatbot Value: Analytics and Optimization

Measure the impact of bots using specific KPIs, justify their existence and tailor their performance and behavior aligned with business goals.

Enhancing Bot Adaptation: Analytics and
User Feedback

Combined with analytics and user feedback, refine the conversational flow, improve the quality of responses and handle more cases to improve adaption rate.

Seamless Bot Integration for Web Apps

Integrate bot into your existing products. Bring human touch to your existing web app by integration conversational capabilities. Start with simple inquiry bot, build progressively complex use cases with bi-directional data integration.

Enhancing Customer Service with
Self-Servicing Capabilities

Go beyond merely answering their questions and build dynamic, account-specific self-servicing capabilities. Seamlessly hand-over complex, high-intellect to human agents. Reduce human efforts up to 80% on handling repeat inquiries.

Streamlined Transaction Approval Workflows

Prepare and request approvals. Collaborate on approval requests, have bot assist to fetch details from other apps, approve and provide feedback and have them recorded in the approval app.
a)May I have vacation leave next week?
b)Can I have my travel of ₹3k expense reimbursed?

Effortless Appointment Scheduling with
Natural Language

Have your visitors and customers inquire availability and book appointments through natural language.

a)May I have an appointment with Dr. John tomorrow after 7:30 PM?

Boosting Team Confidence: Sentiment Analysis for Delivery Commitments

How realistically the team can honor the commitment of the delivery? Quantify the team's confidence level by bringing the conversational data together with product's backlog to statistically derive the confidence level of team and align business expectations.

Practice Bot: Enhancing Healthcare Efficiency and Patient Care

Make the doctor's practice less stressful, improves patient care, digitize the health care documents.
a)Appointment making
b)Symptom and disease discovery
c)Unobtrusive, dynamic & contextual reminders
d)Empathy towards patient - reduces wait time, improves the quality of the visit & patient education

Our approach to Bot development

1)Interview business users
2)Design conversations
3)Train models
5)Collect Feedback & Improve

Elevating Remote Collaboration in Teams: App Integration

Integrate your whiteboard, 3-d rendering app or any other interactive apps right within Teams online meetings to take the team's remote collaboration to the next level. The integration will be similar to Miro's official Teams' integration

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