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Senguttuvan G, leads the PearlThoughts company by example. With years of technical expertise, he has successfully headed the research and development divisions of many chatbot development projects. He is a taskmaster and a compassionate leader with a vision for the organization to expand in accordance with global standards. His keen analytical abilities allows him to anticipate market trends and enable his teams to develop products and services that meet worldwide standards.

Jenifer Monica
Managing Director

Jenifer Monica has years of technical and managerial expertise to the board in this AI industry. She is an individual who is highly energized with a proven capacity to inspire others via teamwork and a high degree of dedication and productivity. She is well-known for managing the entire team and completing crucial projects on time.

Technical lead

Poonkodi is our Technical Lead and is responsible for overseeing the whole system, including the design, implementation, and maintenance of PearlThoughts' AI chatbot initiatives. Poonkodi is an expert in designing complicated artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions both on-premises and in the cloud, owing to her practical experience. She also has hands-on expertise with a variety of technological stacks, including Angular, PHP, Yii2, Laravel, MySQL, MongoDB, Slackbot, DevOps(AWS - RDS, ECS, EC2, Elastic search), Git version control.

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